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Essential Oils

Natural plant based, therapeutic volatile oils extracted by means of steam distillation, cold pressing or chemical extraction.

Beneficial effects can be noted on physical, physiological and psycological levels with Essential oils being absorbed through the skin ( via massage and blended with Carrier oils) & by inhalation and effects processed through the Olfactory tract - limbic system and sense of smell.

Our aromasus Essential oils are superb quality at competitive prices, selected from highly respected suppliers & have been used for many years within vaporiser, aroma stone, aromatic stick inhalation, aromatherapy massage blends & products by our aromatherapist with great confidence & amazing results.

Please be patient as we upload available oils and look out for upcoming essential oil supplies & blends etc.Please feel free meantime to message us should you require any specific oil and we will do our best to get supplies available for you.

 Citrus bergamia
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