How can aromatherapy help 'burn out'
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How can aromatherapy help 'burn out'
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Happy, healthy, relaxed and rejuvenated you for 2014..
How can aromatherapy help...
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How can aromatherapy help 'burn out'

Are you feeling tired all the time? Do your muscles ache? Do you lack motivation to get usually simple daily tasks done or even begun?

Generally all of us can relate to that feeling of 'burn out' at some stage in our lives. Ideally the perfect solution is not to let ourselves get to the 'burn out' stage and concentrate daily on our health & wellbeing. At the end of the day though sometimes that is easier said than donewith the hectic lives we lead nowadays.

'Burn out' was a term initially developed in the early 70's used to describe symptoms felt mainly by people working within the health / healing professions such as doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. Realistically though these people are not the only people to feel symptoms and in fact most of us in every day life can relate to feeling symptoms such as -
Muscle tension, chronic tiredness, anxiety, stress, depression etc and sometimes if left untreated leading to further  difficulties such as total exhaustion, phobias, eating disorders, digestive disorders and more.

Living busy lives, increasing work loads and not having enough 'me time' or time for our bodies to recovery fuels the development of 'burn out'.

Clinical aromatherapy using a combination of therapeutic essential oils and massage therapies can help support clients suffering  the symptoms  of  'burn out' on physical, mental and emotional levels.

An individual blend and combination of massage techniques are developed into the most beneficial treatment plan for each individual client and adapted throughout the plan to ensure ongoing optimum treatment & care is given.

A regular aromatherapy massage can help prevent symptoms, relieve symptoms already being felt and help maintain a balanced level of health & wellbeing to prevent further symptoms developing again over time. Recovering from 'burn out' can be a slow process though every individual clients symptoms are different and each client is unique as with every therapy treatment provided by aromasus, so therefore a consultation is required to ensure the best treatment plan is developed to suit individual needs & requirements at that point in time and adapted to suit throughout the course of treatment. A number of treatments in a short space of time is recommended initially once or twice weekly then spread out over time to once weekly / fortnightly and eventually once a month.

In between treatment sessions further support can be given in the form of using the individual blend in the form of an inhalation, as a bath oil, used in a vaporiser or in a cream preparation, again to suit each individuals requirements.

If you feeling you are nearly at or have reached the 'burn out' stage or know someone who is act now to change this to prevent further health issues. Book a consultation today to kick start that change. As I said earlier  the perfect solution is not to let ourselves get to the 'burn out ' stage and making changes & maintaing a balanced health & wellbeing state. 

Special summer offers are available for August / September.

For further information or to book a consultation or treatment please contact Susie on or throught the contact form submission page at

Take care, 

Love through aroma.

Susie x

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