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Happy, healthy, relaxed and rejuvenated you for 2014..
How can aromatherapy help...
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Cedarwood Oil

Latin name : Cedrus atlantica

Cedarwood Oil  light amber in colour with a soothing, woody aroma having sweet notes of chocolate / caramel and is steam distilled from the cedarwood trees, a member of the Pinaceae (conifer) family. The Cedarwood Oil used by aromasus is sourced in Morocco.

Cedarwood oil use has been traced back to ancient times being found in Egyptian tombs and has been mentioned in the Bible. Used in the perfume industry as a fixative and has traditionally been used in the East to help treat urinary tract infections & bronchial infections. It aids oily skin conditions and dry, itchy scalps so is a fantastic addition to shampoo bases to promote healthy hair & scalp. Cedarwood oil also helps to increase memory,  enhance meditative relaxation  and helps with depression. 

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Love through aroma,

Susie x

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