- Massage therapies
Massage therapies 
Massage Therapies

Prior to your initial massage treatment a consultation is required to ensure there are no contraindications to treatment and to discuss & establish, between yourself and your therapist, the most beneficial massage treatment plan for you which can be adapted throughout to ensure ongoing optimum treatment & care is given.
  As every clients needs & requirements are unique to them, as are the massages provided. A unique massage routine can be developed for you incorporating massage techniques / trigger point techniques to focus on any specific symptoms & specific areas requiring attention, to aid in prevention of any further symptoms from developing and to help maintain a good level of health & wellbeing.  

 All massages are carried out with the use of a base oil or lotion though an essential oil blend can also be incorporated if required and will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Swedish massag

Swedish massage techniques

Swedish massage is a systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to : 

  • Promote relaxation. 
  • Aid in reducing stress & anxiety.
  • Ease muscular tension, stiffness & pain. 
  • Relieve tired & stiff joints.
  • Increase circulation & stimulate lymphatic system.
  • Improve range of movement. 
  • Improve skin tone, circulation & skin elasticity.
  • Boost immune function. 
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Aid better sleep and help to reduce insomnia.

Deep Tissue Techniques
Deep Tissue massage techniques

A series of deeper & slower techniques are incorporated into your massage treatment and focus on specific areas of pain and deep muscle tension -

  • Aid relief of pain & deep muscle tension. 
  • Increase mobility. 
  • Increase circulation. 
  • Aid in reduction of scar tissue.

Indian head massage 

or 'Champissage'....


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