- Carrier oils
Carrier Oils

Fats and oils produced in nature are very important to us and aid health benefits. 
They are vital within our life and through our food sources provide us with many benefits. Many skin preparations contain natural fats and oils aiding in improving our skin condition. 

Within the Massage world we use them alone, as a blend of carriers and as a blend of carriers with Essential oils within the Aromatherapy world. (see Essential oil page also).

Each Carrier oil containing its own beneficial constituents and each oil being chosen with its composition in mind for effect required. 

We supply superb quality Carrier oils, 
currently available in 
250ml & 500 ml bottles.

Almond Oil (Sweet)
Prunus dulcis
Almond Oil (Sweet)
Prunus dulcis
Available in 250ml & 500 ml bottles.

250mls - £3.50

500mls - £5.99

One of the most popularly used Carrier oils within Massage & Aromatherapy massage use.

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