- Aromatic Stick Inhalations

Aromatic Stick inhalations

Taking Aromatherapy on the move to another level...

An Aromatic Stick allows you to choose fragrances of your choice or a therapeutic blend using appropriate essential oils to aid your health & wellbeing needs can be individually produced for you.

The Aromatic Sticks have a wick loaded with essential oils enclosed in a plastic tube.

 The nasal route (inhalation) gives rapid absorption of the essential oils which may be useful when a quick response is required e.g for aiding with anxiety, stress, nausea, pre-flight nerves, sinus relief, low mood, relaxation, congestion and general aromatic yumminess.

Patients / clients like using the Aromatic Stick because it is small, portable and they can control when and how often they use it. They are handy to take with you when you travel, fly, go shopping, go to work, attend functions, schools...anywhere really.
These Aromatic Sticks are specially formulated with carefully selected essential oils (following an individual consultation) to ensure the most beneficial oil or blend of oils are used to suit individuals needs and requirements. 

Essential oils have their own individual therapeutic values. 

Only 100 % pure essential oils which have been tested for purity and composition (as best essential oil suppliers data sheets of source prove) are used, no carriers, no adulterants, no preservatives, no chemicals and no drugs only true, real, pure oils as from nature not synthetic or nature identical. 
An initial healthcare consultation is required to ensure safe and optimum benefit is gained from oils selected and tailored to your requirements. Aromatherapy treatments are Complementary to and not intended to replace Conventional treatments.

Please contact Susie for further information on Aromatic Sticks or to book a one to one appointment or group session / presentation.

N.B - Feedback is available from current clients to show the benefits they find from use of Aromatic Sticks.

The Christie in Manchester have been using Aroma Inhalers for over eleven years with positive feedback from their patients and clinical colleagues 
(Mackereth, Carter, Maycock) 
and patients / clients within Specialist Cancer and Palliative Care and MS care have been using 
Aromatic Stick Inhalers for over 5 years with wonderful, positive feedback and beneficial evidence based practise collated.

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