- Aromatic Meditation
Aromatic Meditation

Love aromatherapy? Love relaxing & meditating?
A very warm aromatic welcome awaits you to join us on a guided sensory journey using a combination of relaxation and meditation techniques with carefully selected essential oils. 
Along the way, essential oils will be vaporised through the air, one by one throughout the journey building up to a unique blend to help you...

Drift calmly beyond your every day distractions
Melt away the stresses of the day
Restore daily balance of life
Promote contentment & wellbeing
Respect your body & mind
Indulge in pure aromatic bliss

Our aim is to emerge calm, relaxed & refreshed, with a clearer perspective to carry on into our daily lives.

One to one aromatic meditation sessions are available by appointment.
Susie is experienced, qualified & insured in both Aromatherapy & Meditation tuition.
Aromatic Meditation Group session - £7 
Booking is required prior to session. 
Registration and further session details will be sent to you once booked in.
Susie Brattesani BA honsComplementary healthcare
For further details or to book your place please contact Susie.

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