- Aromatherapy

Clinical aromatherapy

An ancient practice of using essential oils derived from plants to achieve therapeutic benefits, improving mental and physical wellbeing..
Essential oils all have their own individual therapeutic values.

 Purity, the chemical composition and the aroma are all very important factors in the sourcing of the essential oils for use within our  products and treatment blends.  

All our carrier oils, base products and essential oils carry a guarantee of the finest quality - true, real, pure oils as from nature not synthetic or nature identical.

Please contact Susie for further information
 (An initial consultation is required prior to treatment to ensure a safe and beneficial treatment tailored to your requirements is provided. Aromatherapy treatments are complementary to and not intended to replace orthodox treatments.)

Regular blog posts  and articles on our facebook page are now available providing further information on specific essential oils, aromatherapy, massage therapies and other Complementary healthcare topics.

Aromatherapy massage.

The predominant application of essential oils in professional aromatherapy practice in the UK is through massage.
Whether the massage required is for pain, inflammation, tension, stress relief, acute and chronic ailments, to relax, rejuvenate or relieve a specific presenting condition..an individually blended selection of appropriate essential oils and carriers to suit your needs can be applied through professional aromatherapy massage.

Initial consultation (approx 15 mins dependant on each individual) will be required to assertain any contraindications to treatment / oil blend and ensure a safe and optimally beneficial treatment plan for each individual client is developed.

Bespoke Blends by Susie 

Skin care blends - facial & body.
Skin ailment relief blends.
Pain relief blends.
Relaxing blends.
Uplifting blends.

Professional individually blended essential oil preparations to suit your healthcare needs and requirements are available in creams, waxes, oils, bath milks, roller balls, inhalations, glycerine soaps and more... 

An initial consultation is required prior to individual blends being prepared to ensure maximum benefits are received from your preparations. 

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