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Aroma Nasal Inhalations.
Aroma Inhalation mini workshop
Winter blends
24th October 2019 - Perth
Price: £20.00

Taking Aromatherapy on the move to another level...

An Aroma Nasal Inhaler allows you to choose individual essential oils or a synergistic blend using appropriate essential oils to aid your health & wellbeing needs can be individually produced for you.

10ml bottles of Pure Essential oils or Synergistic blends can also be supplied for use within an aromastone or vaporiser. 

The Aroma Nasal Inhalers have a wick loaded with essential oils enclosed in a plastic tube.

 The nasal route (inhalation) gives rapid absorption of the essential oils which may be useful when a quick response is required in many situations
 e.g for aiding with anxiety, stress, grief, nausea, pre-flight / exam nerves, sinus relief, low mood, relaxation, tiredness / fatigue, congestion, uplift, focus, sport performance and general aromatic yumminess..plus many more.

Patients / clients like using these because they are small, portable and they can control when and how often they use it. They are handy to take with you when you travel, fly, go shopping, go to work, attend functions, schools...anywhere really.

An initial healthcare consultation is required to ensure safe and optimum benefit is gained from oils selected and tailored to your requirements. Aromatherapy treatments are Complementary to and not intended to replace Conventional treatments.

N.B - Feedback is available from current clients to show the benefits they find from use of Aromatic Nasal Inhalers.


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