- Aroma Head & Face massage
 Head massage 

A natural, effective head massage for relieving stress & promoting health and wellbeing, relaxation, improving circulation, improving alertness and concentration, relief from tension headaches, insomnia, neck / shoulder tension & stiffness and sinusitus.

Choice of massage with or without essential oils to suit each individual.

 Head massage can be performed lying on therapy bed or seated with client fully dressed so is adaptable for individual needs and to suit any venue..eg office areas...

15 min 'pick me up', 30 min, 45 min treatments available.

Face massage

 An effective relaxing facial massage integrating aromatherapy & massage techniques to de-stress, relax, re-juvenate and help nourish, protect and support  healthy skin.

 Using essential oils and gentle massage techniques chosen to suit individual needs and requirements, skin types, individual ailments and common skin conditions.

15 min 'pick me up', 30 min, 45 min treatments available.

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