- About Susie
Complementary healthcare - Clinical Aromatherapy 
Susie Brattesani BA hons, MFHT

Susie studied at Edinburgh Napier University gaining a BSC in Complementary therapies and graduating with a BA hons in Complementary healthcare specialising in 
Clinical Aromatherapy.

She is passionate to promote the benefits & efficacy of Complementary Therapies within healthcare and her overall goal is to provide professional treatments using high quality products and techniques.
Susie has many years of massage and Aromatherapy experience and continually keeps up to date researching specific areas in the Complementary Therapy, especially Aromatherapy field and learning through experiences to accelerate development, further advancing her practice and treatments provided for each individual patient / client.

 Susie has both personal & professional experience within a number of areas and at present works in conjunction with care teams in providing Clinical Aromatherapy combined with other Complementary healthcare treatments and Conventional healthcare for patients & carers to aid symptoms and support in Cancer and Specialist Palliative Care, Multiple Sclerosis, aiding in rehabilitation post illness / operations, perimenopause & menopause, dementia care, arthritis, as well as care of the elderly, aiding symptoms of specific pain problems, skin care and coping with emotional symptoms including depression, stress, anxiety, distress states, relaxation and 
general health & wellbeing.
Susie understands some people may have concerns regarding 'trying' Complementary Therapies / Aromatherapy/ Essential oils for the first time and asks anyone feeling this way to contact her to discuss this further. She actively promotes her wishes for Complementary Therapies to work alongside Conventional medicine to provide each individual the very best treatment to aid their recovery from ailments / illness, support and maintain optimum health and wellbeing. 

Susie's level of studies and experience allows her to realise the importance of when to refer clients on to other healthcare professionals and liases' with a number of CAM therapists, pharmacists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, healthcare assistants, nursing practitioners, GP's and Consultants  to ensure optimum care is provided.
Susie is available for promoting health & well being through Complementary Healthcare workshops, taster sessions, presentations, charity events & corporate events which are all professionally delivered in a friendly, fun & relaxed atmosphere  which is also very important to Susie. She feels very privileged to work alongside a fantastic team of Complementary healthcare professionals providing treatments / workshops for many wonderful people from many walks of life at various venues throughout Scotland.

Our holistic approach

Our holistic approach closely adheres to the principle of  professional holistic therapies taking into account the 'whole' person and not only their presenting symptoms. 
Often people experience physical symptoms such as skin complaints, headaches, digestion & other problems which may be the result of imbalances due to factors such as stress, anxiety and emotional problems. Our aim is not just treating the symptoms but trying to address the underlying cause and focusing in the longer term to maintain optimum physical & emotional health and an overall improved sense of well-being.
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