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Susie Brattesani BA hons

Susie has always had a keen interest in nature and following a natural holistic lifestyle, something instilled since childhood.

A life-long ambition and seeing first hand the amazing benefits of Essential oil use with her own serious illness and rehabilitation post op to good health and wellbeing, meant when Susie had the opportunity to study Clinical Aromatherapy she literally jumped at the chance.

Susie studied at Edinburgh Napier University gaining a BSC in Complementary therapies and graduating with a BA hons in Complementary healthcare specialising in

Clinical Aromatherapy. She is passionate to promote the benefits & efficacy of

Complementary therapies and diverse use of Essential oils and blends,

including inhalation methods, within healthcare and alongside daily health and wellbeing.

Susie has many years of experience in the Complementary healthcare field and continually keeps up to date with CPD (Continued professional development), researching specific areas and learning through experiences to accelerate development further advancing her practice and treatments provided for each individual patient / client.

She has an established track record assisting a wide range of patients and clients maintain and improve their mental and physical wellbeing. A number of care providers have engaged Susie to assist clients, patients and carers in Cancer & Palliative care, MS therapy and life limiting care.

In addition to these well established relationships she has engaged in the promotion of Clinical Aromatherapy to assist every day general health and wellbeing as well as the welfare and increased productivity of workforces and improved mental clarity to aid sports performance.

Susies overall goal is to provide professional treatments, whether for physical, psychological or emotional reasons either face to face (restricted during COVID19) or remotely via phone or zoom / online method, with care and compassion using and providing superb quality products and Aromatherapy supplies.

Susie is very interested in working alongside each individual taking into consideration a full holistic view of the individual, their needs and their lifestyle as a whole to support them, ease symptoms and aid / sustain optimum wellbeing with the implementation of a treatment or treatment plan to suit those needs most beneficially.