- Who is Aromasus?
Who is Aromasus ?

Aromasus is the brainchild of Clinical Aromatherapist Susie Brattesani.

Whilst Susie was busy managing all the challenges associated with raising two daughters she maintained a very keen interest in natural and Complementary healthcare.  
An interest and passion introduced & instilled from childhood.

Following  years of  providing various forms of massage therapy, training and continued professional development, the opportunity arose for Susie to study
 Complementary healthcare on a full time basis at Honors Degree level,
 Susie jumped at the chance. 

Graduating with a BA hons in 
Complementary Healthcare - Clinical Aromatherapy, 
           Susie set about establishing how she might best use this valuable form of clinical                                                            treatment  within many environments.

Aromasus have proved to be real ground breakers in this regard. 
A number of care providers have engaged Aromasus services to assist
                    clients, patients and carers in Cancer & Palliative care, MS therapy and
                                                                              life limiting care.  

 In addition to these well established relationships Aromasus is engaged in the promotion of Clinical Aromatherapy to assist with the welfare and increased productivity of workforces and improved mental clarity to aid sports performance. 

Aromasus are Clinical Aromatherapists with an established track record using their experience and evidence based research to assist a wide range of patients and clients maintain &  improve their mental and physical 
well- being. 





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